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Make Up!

Weekly workshops are taught by experienced actors, musicians and choreographers and others experienced in their field. They culminate in a revue of dances, stories and acting skills learned, or a mainstage production. 

Upcycled Costumes 1/9/16-conducted by award winning costume designer Anna Pfeil, you will create a unique costume using recyclable material and cast off clothing. Choose from Knight, Princess, Alien, Zombie, or ???

Mask/Hat Workshop 1/23/16-Create a mask and headpiece to complete your costume! Whether you attend the Upcycled Costume workshop or not, you will enjoy creating something unique to wear for Mardi Gras.

New York Style Workshop 1/15 & 1/18/16-Miss Jessica Cressionnie will conduct these workshops sharing all the fun theater stuff she has learned while studying in New York City. A brief showcase at the end of each day will show parents what students have learned. 

Serious and Silly Fashion-Mondays beginning 1/25/16-Skilled seamstress Anna Pfeil, will guide you from beginning hand sewing skills through use of machine sewing. Pattern reading and simple alterations will also be covered. 
Fee includes: Sewing Kit-scissors, tape measure, pins, pin cushion, tracing wheel & tailor's chalk. One or more printed Patterns. Some notions (buttons, snaps, hooks & eyes). Clothing pieces for use in learning alterations. 
Zippered pouch, or case, for Sewing Kit, recommended, NOT INCLUDED.

 Troupe de Tour
ages 12-Adult
Members of the group will be trained to perform in the Commedia dell Arte' style of acting which was developed in 15th century Italy. It is what brought slapstick and improvisation to live theater. This group has been formed to perform year round at fairs, festivals, nursing homes, and libraries throughout the state. Must be 12 or older, or have special permission from the director to audition.
Please contact the director for audition.

If you are interested in "playing" with us this season, please register at the link below and someone will get back with you shortly.

The Studio in Seville Plaza
1905 W. Thomas St.
Hammond, LA
(985) 634-8122

This program is about training people, young and young at heart,
to perform in front of an audience, whether it be on stage or off.
It is about developing relationships, believing in yourself and gaining the trust of others.

Visit the REGISTRATION FORM  to register!

Please plan to attend all of our shows this season for some wholesome family fun!

Regular workshop sessions are limited to 20 persons. 
Specialty workshops are limited to number of persons listed. 

The Actor's 3 Tools: Mind, Body, & Voice

Mind: Acting for the Stage workshop sessions will help participants to:
        * Make movement choices to create a specific effect for a specific character
        * Choose appropriate vocal techniques to communicate a particular meaning
        * Use past experiences, sensory recall, in the creation of drama
        * Choose appropriate physical and vocal expressions
            to enhance drama of character and setting

Body: Movement is added to the workshop format to:
          *enable the participant to positively express their feelings
          *explore character transformation which can be made through movement
          *develop different characters

Voice: Speaking of...will help participants:
          *learn the proper way to use their voice for the stage
          *strengthen their character development by adding vocal characteristics
          *learn the dynamics of the voice

Improvisation is the invention of spontaneous dialogue and action, based on an understanding of a role or a situation.
    Participants will:

        * Identify choices made in problem solving
        * Make choices within the boundaries of the dramatic situation
        * Work as a team to solve group problems through negotiation and compromise
        * Define and use criteria to assess and evaluate the work of self and others

Also, through the year we will offer special workshops in the following areas:

Stage Craft workshops will introduce the participants to:
        *determining the difference between a prop, a costume and set/scenery.
*Costume Design & construction
        *Prop Design & Construction
        *Scenic Design, construction, & painting
        *Sound & Lighting for the stage
        *Stage Management

Make-Up for the Stage will allow participants to:
         *discover how to complete a character transformation through make-up
         *learn through hands on experience in applying make-up for the stage
         *create make-up designs for real and fantasy characters

Costuming for the Stage will help participants to:
        *understand the importance of the costume to the character
        *make good costume choices through character development
        *why people dressed the way they did back in the day
        *how to create a period costume from a thrift store purchase

^dates subject to change.


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