Dear Cast,
Thank you for auditioning.  You were all wonderful which made my decision on casting difficult.
Decisions were made based on audition and conflict schedule. 
Please email me to let me know if you accept your role in the show. 
Break a Leg!!  Mrs. Anna

Toad of Toad Hall

 This list is in order of appearance in the show:

 *Nurse: Rose DePaula
 *Marigold: Rachael Knaps
 *Mole: Bret Wagner
 *Rat: Caleb Holloway
 *Badger: Diamond Hartman
 *Toad: Ian Squires
 *Alfred: Ian Scamardo
 *Chief Weasel: Aaron Pfeil
 *Chief Stoat: Cullen Chaffin
 *Chief Ferret: Austin Ferrara
 *First Field Mouse: Connor Scott
 *Second Field Mouse: Emma Marcus
 *Usher: Samantha Stewart
 *Policeman: Sarah Kate Massey
 *Judge: Dallas Boudreaux
 *Gaoler:  Rachel Sullivan/Jonathan Williams
 *Phoebe: Nancy Donnes
 *Washerwoman: Rudi Darouse
 *Mama Rabbit: Ashley Knaps
 *Harold Rabbit: Caleb McKay
 *Lucy Rabbit: Ally Holloway
 *Fox: Amber Ashton
 *Barge Woman: Erin Holloway
 *Brave Young Weasel: Ashlie Burke
 *Foolish Ferret: Griffin Klaus
 *Barge Horse: Jacob Squires
 *Squirrels: Ridge Williams, Emery Foster, Brooke Sierra, Amber Ashton
 *Rabbits: Carson William, Brooklyn Starkey
 *Stoats: Avery Scamardo, Connor Scott
 *Ferrets: Gabrielle Grimes, Rachel Sullivan
 *Weasels: Jonathan Williams, Jacob Squires, Emma Marcus
 *Duck: Ally Hausknecht
 *Turkey: Ellen Heiman

 Stage Manager: Jean Carrone
 ASM: Rebecca Wagner
 Choreograhper: Holly Flattmann
 Our backstage/tech crew: Dylan Klaus, Jonathan Williams, Connor
 The Octavian Foundation for the Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported in part private donations and our patrons.
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