Our Spring show will be "The Elves & The Shoemaker".  Why can't Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher sell any shoes? Why do the elves visit the shoemaker and his wife?  How do they get out of the predicament they are in?  Come find out in this hilarious adaptation of the story by the Brother's Grimm.   Plus, you will enjoy  revisiting many of the nursery rhymes you learned and loved as a child in our pre-show, "Mother Goose and Friends".  See you at the theater!
Cast List
Elves:  Ally Hausknecht
            Ally Holloway
            Caleb McKay
            Emma Marcus
            Rachael Knaps
            Carson Williams

Henry Schumacher, the Shoemaker:  Aaron Pfeil
Alberta, his Wife:  Casey Holloway

Old Woman/Fairy Godmother:  Diamond Hartman

Cinderella:  Dara Stewart
Coachman:  Ian Scamardo

Old King Cole:  Josh Bobb-Semple
Fiddlers:  Tristan Johnston, Zoe Bellavia, Morgan Brown

Jack (of Beanstalk fame):  Seth Leto

Sleeping Beauty:  Breanna Higgins
The Little Mermaid:  Maggie Rocker
Belle:  Chelsea Haskett
Prince Charming:  Austin Ferrara

Snow White:  Rebecca Hausknecht
Dwarves:  Sleepy-Tristan Johnson
                Sneezy-Kaiti Higginbotham
                Grumpy-Ashlie Burke
                Dopey-Cullen Chaffin
                Doc-Olivia Bates
                Happy-Ian Scamardo
                Bashful-Zoe Bellavia

King Rupert the Miserable, Father of the 12 Dancing Princesses:  Ian Squires
    Princess 1:  Taylor Bevilacqua
    Princess 2:  Erin Holloway
    Princess 3:  Rudi Darouse
    Princess 4:  Elizabeth Weathersby
    Princess 5:  De’Ja McKinley
    Princess 6:  Dallas Boudreaux
    Princess 7:  Samantha Stewart
    Princess 8:  Olivia Bates
    Princess 9:  Holly Guay
    Princess 10: Gabby Grimes
    Princess 11: Morgan Brown
    Princess 12: Ellen Heiman

Puss in Boots:  Rose DePaula

Dorothy:  Elise O’Connell

Little Miss Muffett:  Erin Holloway

The Old Lady who lives in a Shoe:  Jean Carrone
    Her Children:  Pamela Brownlow, Elizabeth Weathersby, Ian Scamardo
                            Tristan Johnson, Rudi Darouse, Holly Guay, Samantha Stewart,
                            De'Ja McKinley,Gabby Grimes, Dallas Boudreaux,
                            Taylor Bevilacqua, Ellen Heiman, Kaiti Higginbotham,
                            Ashlie Burke, Cullen Chaffin, Olivia Bates

Backstage Crew:  Caleb Holloway, Jonathan Williams, Matt Crayton, Marisa Purvis, Katherine Forrest, Robert Triana
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